Our solutions

Educate your workforce like never before.

Instructors face limited time, high costs, and potential hazards during high consequence training. Codex not only brings powerful VR technologies to training, but the full suite of tools brings VR training to a whole new level.

Codex Editor

  • Fully customize simulations, such as interactions, instructional content, and training manuals as easily as Powerpoint.
  • Create new simulations & training scenarios in a few minutes with codex’s Automated Simulation creator.
  • Deploy and store simulations globally on the cloud.

Codex Simulator

  • Train in highly Realistic 3D environments of simulations created in Codex Authoring.
  • Access multiple training modes automatically created from authoring data, including walkthroughs, performance tests, and scenarios.
  • Utilize pre-existing 3D models or access VINCI’s 3D model library and world class modeling service.

Codex Analytics

  • Live stream multiple student views as they train in VR.
  • Review video playbacks with timestamps of errors.
  • Gain insights into individual or classroom performance with data visualization and trend analysis.

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