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Unreal Engineer - Renewable Energy

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VINCIVR, Inc. is hiring an Unreal Engine 4 developer. This job is a three month part-time contractor role which we hope will have the option to convert to a full-time employee role. The job is fully remote with flexible hours. The Engineer will primarily focus on assisting the team on our Offshore Wind Energy projects, creating VR training for the next generation of clean energy workers. 


We are a small, early-stage startup creating virtual reality training simulations for the defense and renewable energy industries. Our flagship product is Codex, an application and Unreal Engine framework that enables instructors to configure their own training simulations. You can read more about our work and our team on our website (

For full financial transparency, we are hiring for this role as a three month contract position, with the potential to convert to a full time position.


  • Our company is young and the product is constantly evolving. You'll be working alongside our team of engineers and 3D modeling experts to bring to life detailed virtual reality experiences per client specifications. You will have an opportunity to truly shape the final form that our product takes, so we expect you to participate in brainstorming and using your expertise with the engine to improve the experience we can give clients.
  • We will have meetings both internally and with external clients where your attendance, ideas, and ability to assist in scoping features will be invaluable.


  • A high degree of mastery in utilizing the Unreal Engine to create highly-compelling virtual reality experiences on the PC. Please share a portfolio, demonstration projects, or concrete examples of your work in action.
  • Our entire team is remote. You must have the motivation, self-direction, and communication skills needed to work effectively in such an environment.

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