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Stop relying on confusing manuals, diagrams, and powerpoints to train your workforce. We work with you to create a seamless, custom simulation catered to your needs.

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Before a Single Line of Code is Written

1) Deep Dive
Our teams will collaborate with you to gain a deep understanding of the scenario that needs to be simulated.

2) Education & Consultation
If you're new to VR, we'll educate and consult with you to determine which VR system might be the best for you: Vive or Mobile VR.

3) Plan Drafting
From our consultations, we'll draft a plan that will defer between the two VR options available - more information listed below.

One: HTC Vive

Interactivity, Immersion, and Realism is Priority.

Hardware Used: HTC Vive, Leap Motion, VR Ready Computer

Simulation software at its peak.
With full body immersion and room scale capabilities, these simulations are built for highly interactive and intense scenarios. Tracking and data analytics for the trainees entire body opens doors to unparalleled learning opportunities.

4) CAD & Environment Design
Since the Vive runs off a computer, any CADs and environments created can be highly detailed and more complex.

5) Development
Using Unreal Engine or Unity, the simulation is built with game engines able to simulate real-world physics and feature highly interactive environments and characters.

6) Deployment
We offer hardware purchase and rent services and set up the VR system in a dedicated training station in your company.

7) Maintenance
Post setup, our team works around the clock to maintain both the software and hardware.

Two: Mobile VR

Mobility, Distribution, and Speed is Priority.

Hardware Used: Smartphone & Google Cardboard

Simulation software that anyone, anywhere can use. By leveraging mobile vr, our simulations can be reached out to thousands of users immediately, no other hardware necessary other than inexpensive cardboard headsets.

4) CAD & Environment Design
Since the application is simpler, CAD's and Environments have less detail, but are more compact and can be iterated on faster.

5) Development
Using Unreal Engine, Unity, or WebVR, development is faster and testing is sped up.

6) Deployment
Our solution can be either put on an app store or can be stored as a webpage on a link of your choice. We also offer services to purchase Google Cardboards, or we can recommend Cardboards for you to purchase.

7) Maintenance
Post setup, our team works around the clock to maintain the software.


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