The world is not flat. That's the flaw with designing today - current 2D design surfaces fail at communicating our 3D designs with other stakeholders, whether that be other team members, management, or customers. That's why Vinci gives you an unique, interactive experience in the Virtual World to experience your product's designs. By merging your imagination with the awesome powers of Virtual Reality, you can create Cheaper, Faster, and Smarter.



Upload your 3D Design into VINCI's system.


Pull your design into a roomscale VR environment. Walk around, grab, annotate, etc.


Share your model with anyone with a smartphone by converting your model into a MobileVR environment.

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Vinci News

Early Talks with MADE@MassChallenge

VinciVR and MADE@MassChallenge are in early talks to provide a pilot to MADE@MassChallenge. The MADE Center, opening in late July, provide resources for hardware and physical product development.

Research Discussions with US Army

VinciVR and Natick Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Center (NSRDEC) are in early discussions to test efficacy of VR-based training. NSRDEC develops emerging tech to prepare soldiers for the future battlefield.

Vinci team with showcases demo at BioBots

The Vinci Team met with the BioBots to showcase Vinci's Alpha and explore potential applications of VR with Healhcare Sciences. Biobots Produces 3D Tissue/Organ Printers for researchers- check out their website here.

Perelman Medicine

The Vinci Team met with Researchers at the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine to showcase Vinci's Alpha. University of Pennsylvania's Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine develops a broad spectrum of medical devices in addition to leading cuttin edge healthcare innovations.

University of Pennsylvania SEAS

The Vinci Team demoed with Mechanical and Bio Engineers at University of Pennsylvania's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences(SEAS). SEAS engineers work on various projects from ice drills to drones.

Babson College Innovation Day

Founder Eagle Wu demoed the Vinci Concept at the Babson College Innovation Day. The Innovation Day showcases the latest innovative companies from Babson College students and alumni.

Meet the Team

Eagle Wu

Business Ops
Founded CODE-student tech incubator @Babson.
Fellow @Horizons School of Technology.
Won Money 20/20 - global Fin-Tech hackathon.

Brendan Luu

Product Designer
Founded Drexel VR.
Unity Developer.
Teaches VR Dev @Philly's URBN Center.

Tom Eng

Mechanical Engineer, Developer.
Masters and BA Degrees in Engineering @UPenn.
Built autonomous ice drill for mars rover @NASA.

Tiffany Yue

Built plugins for CAD software.
Can translate 3D models onto websites.

Danny Cabrera

CEO, BioBots
BioBots makes 3D Organ Printers
Helps Navigate Emerging Tech.